Useful Tips To Win More On Online Slots

Online Slots

Despite the fact that slots are games of pure chance, there are effective ways to boost the chances of winning more often.

In this quick strategy guide we will learn how to choose the slot game with the best winning odds, how to effectively manage your bankroll and how to improve your odds of hitting the progressive Jackpot.


Effective Bankroll Management

Keep the reels spinning. Many slot players argue that in order to win more often you need to stretch your money as much as possible.

Experienced players know that lucky spins come and go when playing slots, so it’s a matter of ‘being there’ when luck strikes.

Gradual betting. To make the most of your bankroll you should also lower your bets when the reels are not paying out and increase them when your winning.


Play the Most Attractive Casino Online Slots

Bear in mind that different slot games offer different payouts, so take this into account when you chose a game to play.~It may seem obvious but this factor is often ignored.

The best thing to do is to look for those slot machines that offer the highest payouts (e.g. over 94% payout), more winning combinations, lots of bonus symbols with multipliers and progressive Jackpots.

The following games offer a chance to win up to 250,000 on a single spin plus high payout percentages: Monopoly Here and Now (95.13%), 50 Lions Slots (94.711%) and Cleopatra Slots (95.02%).


Multiply Your Cash

Something else you can do to improve your odds of winning on slots is to multiply your cash with a free casino bonus.

Casinos offer different bonuses for new and existing players. The best online casinos offer you a First Deposit Bonuses, free cash on your second deposit, free bonuses on every new deposit you make (Reload Bonuses) and free deposit bonuses on a monthly basis.

How much free cash you can get on your deposits varies from casino to casino but generally speaking you can expect to multiply your money up to four times.

Check out the free bonus offers from different casinos before you make a deposit. The biggest bonus offer is not necessarily the best one.

Online casinos offer more than just a First Deposit Bonus, so make sure to check out these other free bonuses and read the terms and conditions for receiving these bonuses.


Play When the Jackpot if “Full”

If you are aiming for the progressive make sure there is enough cash in the jackpot to make it worth while.

How big the Jackpot should be depends on each player and the amount of credits that must be wagered to qualify but it’s safe to say that a Jackpot prize for more than half a million pounds would be big enough.

Many players think that the best time to win the progressive Jackpot is when it has not paid out in a while.

This is not necessarily true but one thing is certain, you do not want to win the progressive Jackpot when it’s starting to grow, you want to win when there’s already enough money in the prize to make it worth while.


Full Coins to Win the Progressive Jackpots

Many progressive Jackpots require players to wager the max. bet per spin to have a chance to win the jackpot prize.

This means that if you really want to have a chance to win the jackpot, you must be willing to risk more cash per spin.

Have a look at the different slot games that offer a progressive Jackpot to make sure you’re playing the most attractive one.

Make sure you play the games with the highest payout to players, the most generous (and frequent) wild bonuses and free spins game (if possible) while betting the lowest amount possible.

This will help you maximize you risk-reward ratio.


Winning the Progressive While Betting Low

Thankfully not every online slot game requires players to place large bets to qualify for the progressive.

The best example of these type of slot play online is Deal or No Deal.

When you play Deal or No Deal slot there are three progressive Jackpots that you can win depending on the coin size.

This is ideal for beginner players who are just starting on Online Slots and also for players who simply want to have a chance to win the big prize without having to fork out and risk too much money.

Discover how to win more often with this Online Slots website. Play the highest-paying titles visiting this Online Slot Machines review page.


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